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Melissa Jun Rowley

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New York, NY

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Melissa Jun Rowley works at the forefront of tech, media and social change as a prominent writer, entrepreneur, and speaker highlighting solutions-focused journalism. As a contributor for BBC News and Forbes, she covers the intersection of business, culture, and entrepreneurship. For more than a decade, Melissa has produced storytelling strategies for global brands, startups, and venture capital firms with more than $23 billion in assets under management. Content strategy and communications clients have included MasterCard, Lexus, Insight Partners, Silicon Valley Bank, Macy's and more. Additionally, Melissa is the founder of Warrior Love Productions, a production house developing media projects designed to foster cross-cultural understanding and collaboration. The company's upcoming flagship series Border Breakers - Puerto Rico, spotlights leaders, entrepreneurs, and activists pushing the culture forward in Puerto Rico, where she currently resides. A passionate advocate for promoting peace through entrepreneurship, Melissa launched the accelerator Resolve, which coached entrepreneurs in Lebanon to incorporate sustainability and positive impact into their operations and offerings. Prior to co-founding Resolve, she built the humanitarian tech platform, The Toolbox, with legendary musician Peter Gabriel. On-camera and online, Melissa has hosted a series of events at the United Nations, the Super Bowl, and a number of interactive shows. In her early years as a TV producer for CNN and the Associated Press, she flew in zero gravity at NASA, produced business news segments from the New York Stock Exchange, and interviewed entertainment luminaries at the Emmys, Grammys, Golden Globes, and Oscars.

Published content

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Warrior Love Productions creates original content for interactive platforms and television, and provides content strategy for startups, investors, and major brands around the world from concept to execution. Currently collaborating with seasoned expert writers and content producers in New York, San Francisco, Puerto Rico and London, we emphasize solutions-focused storytelling and social impact in all of our projects.



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