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First of all, thank you for viewing our profile. My name is Michael J Polk and my Son also named Michael (Princeton 2022) founded our company to expand the brand projection into the external zeitgeist and inner digital realms. When a branded program is ready we release them into the real world in a Huge way. We see a lot of creative endeavors come our way some more exciting than others. With work though who knows, that's why we exist.

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Seven Business Leaders Predict the Future of the Creator Economy

expert panel

Content creators have high earning potential in today's market, but they'll need to keep up with new trends as the industry evolves. The creator economy is constantly in flux and changes based on many external factors, including relevant social, political or world events occurring at that time. This has been very clear over the last few years with the Covid-19 pandemic, a party-dividing election cycle and an increase in social justice campaigns. All of this has had a massive effect on digital platforms, and creators stand to gain a lot from the constant and growing demand for relevant content. Below, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council members look ahead to share their predictions for the future of the creator economy in the years to come.

Handling Narcissism in the Workplace


Managing a narcissist in the workplace can be tough.

10 Ways to Get Out of 'Hustle Culture' and Find Better Balance

expert panel

'Grinding' can only get you so far if you don't also make time for yourself. Productivity, “hustle culture,” “rise and grind” — all popular topics when it comes to entrepreneurship, making money and leading a “successful” life. While touted as all positive and necessary things if you want to progress in your career, when taken too far, these positives can become toxic and actually hurt your ability to find real success.  But how can ambitious professionals and business owners move away from this mentality when entrepreneurs are expected to “grind”? Below, 10 Rolling Stone Culture Council business leaders offer their tips and insights for professionals interested in leaving toxic productivity and “hustle culture” behind.

12 Areas of Marketing to Prioritize When Working on a Budget

expert panel

Even if you're short on cash, these 12 things will significantly boost your marketing efforts. When it comes to marketing your business, money isn’t everything. While having a large budget can certainly have a big impact on your efforts, there are many marketing activities that cost very little to implement, and even more that don’t cost anything at all. So for new or small businesses that have to operate on a shoestring budget, prioritizing the right marketing efforts can make all the difference. Below, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council experts share the areas of marketing they think are the most important to prioritize if you’re working with a tight budget and why those areas can give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Supporting Employees' Mental Health at Work


Where we stand currently, it's become imperative for employers to support your staff and protect your brand.

Nine Steps to Take if You've Lost Passion for Your Business

expert panel

To rediscover your passion, you might first need to rediscover yourself. When asked why they started their businesses, many entrepreneurs would answer that they were passionate about the product, service or cause their business represented. But along the way, between the day-to-day grind and the stress of leadership, that passion can tend to fade, and those same entrepreneurs may find themselves questioning why they continue to do what they do. While this loss of passion isn’t uncommon, it can feel demotivating to those driven by entrepreneurial purpose. Thankfully, reigniting a passion can be as simple as taking one of the following nine steps. Consider this list of steps recommended by the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council to take back your passion and set yourself on a new path toward happiness and fulfillment.

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Company bio is a brand curation company. Our clients are put through a brand maturation and preparation period of which when it is complete, we launch them into the wild and watch their marketing campaign strive. We provide ongoing consultation and support throughout the campaign process through a plethora of ways such as, audience targeting suggestions, media development & consultation, posting schedules, PR, and more. The origin of our business started from An industrial commercial real estate brokerage and private lender And Forbes Real Estate Council Contributor among other things. 😉🎩😎



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