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Media and technology executive with 15+ years of experience building, optimizing and operating large enterprises and innovative startups.

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10 Ways Marketers Can Boost Engagement Among Disengaged Customers

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The first step to reengaging a customer is to remember that they’re human. Whether it’s due to a lack of perceived value or just a lack of time and money, customers can often fall off the wagon when it comes to interacting with and purchasing from brands. And while some customers disengaging can be normal, companies may begin to worry once a pattern starts to emerge.  So what can they do to reengage those customers they seem to have lost? What’s the most effective method? Below, 10 business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council share their insights on the marketing “hacks” or strategies companies can use to boost engagement among disengaged customers and pique their interest once again.

Seven Trends These Business Leaders Predict We'll See More of in 2024

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This year could bring everything from cannabis-infused cocktails to better mental health solutions. While 2023 witnessed a major shift in generative AI use as well as movie lovers flocking back to the theater, trends are continuing to evolve as the world pushes forward into another year. Though it’s not easy to predict what kind of trends, innovations or inventions the year will bring, business leaders across industries are doing their best to ensure their companies stay on top of “the latest and greatest” while maybe introducing a few new trends themselves. In the culture space, industries such as fashion, art, media, music, tech and more are often leading the charge when it comes to changing preferences and setting trends. Here, seven business leaders in these spaces, and members of Rolling Stone Culture Council, offer up their best predictions for the trends of the coming year and the type of effect they think these trends will have on related businesses.

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Subtext is a texting platform that connects you directly with your subscribers free from the chaos of social media and clutter of email. We allow consumers to receive exclusive information in an intimate setting and brands, organizations, and individuals to monetize the following they have worked so hard to build. Text "DEMO" to: (408) 549-7320 Digiday’s 2020 Subscription Product of the Year Subtext was founded in 2018 by Advance Publication's in-house media and technology incubator, Alpha Group.