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Mike Parham

CFO and stakeholderBearly Awake Coffee and Adventure

Austin, TX

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Enjoy relationship and team building as well scaling businesses to new levels. Hobbies include Off road E biking, ATV, Travel anywhere, Paddleboarding, Scuba, Craft beers, hanging out with friends and family. Movie producing has recently entered into the picture as well amateur beer making. Prior to the coffee shop I lead a nine figure company as CEO and majority shareholder and started and sold a fastener company.

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Bearly Awake Coffee and Adventure

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Bearly Awake Coffee and Adventures is located in Red River , NM. This is a small resort town north of Taos, NM about 40 minutes. We are "not your ordinary coffee shop" as we sell fat tire e-bikes, book tours for ATVs, Horseback, and snowmobiles rides. In addition we serve breakfast and lunch, sell local art and have live music in the summer tourist season. The partners Tori and Levi run all operations and are stakeholders. We have a wonderful location right on Main street and the view of the mountains are second to none. Come visit!


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Food Trucks

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2 - 10