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Milan Kordestani is the CEO of Ankord Labs, a cutting-edge venture studio that revolutionizes how startups are born, nurtured, and scaled for meaningful societal impact. At Ankord Labs, Milan collaborates with visionary co-founders to take embryonic ideas from concept to reality, focusing on scalability and real-world solutions. His ethos revolves around the principles of conscious capitalism, marrying profitability with purpose to create ventures that are not only successful but also socially responsible. Through Ankord Labs, Milan co-founded and serves as the Chairman of Guin Records, a record label that empowers purpose-led artists, offering them a platform to create and share music that resonates with audiences and drives change.

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Guin Records

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A music conglomerate currently offering a boutique, artist-friendly, record label. You own your masters, we eat 50/50 only from what we help you build.



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