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Nancy A. Shenker is a marketing innovator, brand builder, writer, speaker, and self-proclaimed rule breaker. She is 66 and likes to say, "I have dual citizenship in the analog and digital worlds." A brand growth consultant and content strategist/writer, she established her own business -- theONswitch -- in 2003. A pop culture and retro fan, she loves live music (and vinyl), tech gadgets, movies, and random facts about history and culture. She is a champion of cross-generational collaboration, the author of the Thrive Global column, "The Silver Hair Playbook: How to Be a Bad-Ass >50." Over the course of her 40-year business and marketing career, she has been a C-level executive at major consumer and business brands (Citibank, MasterCard, Reed Exhibitions), an entrepreneur (founder of theONswitch marketing), and a mentor to hundreds of small businesses and professionals at all stages. She has written six books and publishes AI/machine learning/robotics site EmbraceTheMachine and travel and lifestyle site She also is a member of the Forbes Agency Council. Nancy is on her fifth professional and personal "re-boot." She has two grown daughters and two grandchildren.

Published content

The Art of Public Relations: 12 Necessary Elements for the Perfect Pitch

expert panel

When it comes to promoting your business, a well-crafted pitch can make all the difference. In the competitive landscape of public relations, understanding how to develop a good pitch for your business is essential. From telling a compelling story to leveraging effective data and statistics, the content and delivery of your pitch could help your company stand out from the countless other pitches members of the media receive every day. Below, 12 Rolling Stone Culture Council members delve into the crucial points you should keep in mind when working on public relations for your business. Here's why these elements are fundamental in capturing the interest and attention of both journalists and your target audience.

Feeling Stressed? 17 Ways Business Leaders Can Effectively Manage Their Mental Health

expert panel

Leadership can be stressful, but these simple practices can help business leaders better manage their mental health.  Leading a company can be an exhilarating and fulfilling experience, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges and pressures. When you’re a business leader, maintaining good mental health is crucial for both personal well-being and effective decision-making.  To that end, 17 Rolling Stone Culture Council members explore some proven strategies business leaders can employ to manage their mental health amid the challenging demands of their roles. From regular exercise to setting boundaries to seeking support and fostering a positive work culture, these strategies can encourage a healthier and more resilient approach to leadership.

How to Ensure Your Summer Event Will Be an Experience to Remember

expert panel

Host the most memorable summer event this year by following these essential entertainment tips. Summertime brings a vibrant array of festivals, outdoor events, fairs, concerts and more. This means hosting a successful event during this lively season requires careful planning and attention to detail to make it stand out. Here, Rolling Stone Culture Council members share the factors that contribute to a flourishing summertime event, from engaging activities to a focus on the attendee experience, and the steps you’ll need to take to create one. By understanding the importance of these components and incorporating them into the planning process, event organizers can create an unforgettable experience that leaves attendees thrilled, satisfied and eagerly looking forward to the next one.

Nine Big Changes That Could Improve Your Digital Marketing Reach

expert panel

Digital marketing is changing constantly, but experts believe these shifts could have a major impact on campaign effectiveness. As a marketing leader, your primary goal is to ensure your campaigns connect with the intended target market. This task is easier said than done in a world of shrinking consumer attention spans and competing digital communication channels. However, modern marketing is ever-evolving, and certain changes in trends and tools could make a big difference for marketers who want to improve their reach and see more results. Below, nine Rolling Stone Culture Council members explore some key shifts in the digital marketing realm that could help companies better connect with their audiences.

How Companies Can Demonstrate Their Commitment to the Environment

expert panel

With a business strategy centered around sustainability, brands can attract consumers and increase their bottom lines. As sustainability becomes a prominent topic of discussion, environmentally conscious consumers are actively seeking out companies that align with their values. Because of this increasing concern for environmental issues among consumers, businesses are now recognizing the need to show their dedication to eco-friendly practices. Below, Rolling Stone Culture Council members share practical steps businesses can take to demonstrate their commitment to the environment and eco-friendly policies. From incorporating sustainable materials in their products to implementing energy-efficient measures in their operations, these efforts not only benefit the planet but also have a positive impact on their bottom line.

11 Effective Ways to Break Down Work Silos and Encourage Collaboration

expert panel

Silos can often hamper collaboration, but with the right strategies, you can start working together more effectively. In today's fast-paced and competitive work environment, collaboration has become an essential skill for teams to succeed. While individual focus time is crucial, many projects require a diverse range of perspectives and skill sets to come to fruition. However, breaking down the silos that exist between team members and departments and often hinder this success can be challenging. Leaders must create an environment that fosters collaboration by encouraging open communication, promoting cross-functional teams and implementing collaborative tools and practices. To help you do this, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council members explain how leaders and their teams can break down silos and become better collaborators.

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theONswitch & nunu ventures

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brand marketing, content strategy and writing, and virtual CMO services



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Brand Marketing
Content Marketing
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