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Nathan Green

CEO and Co-FounderNew Level Radio

Denver, CO

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My life has always been about music, in some shape or form. Whether it was creating mixed tapes in middle school, putting together playlists for parties in high school and college, or my many years in the radio and TV industry, music has always played a vital role. In 2007, along with my long-time business partner Sam Ambrose, I helped launch New Level Radio, creating a new niche in the radio and music industry. Today, our company delivers customizable radio networks for hundreds of businesses all over the U.S., including more than 60 casino properties across 23 states across the U.S. When I'm not not on an airplane or creating a new playlist for a property, I am typically at home in Denver spending time with my wife and three kids, working on new ventures, running a road race, or listening to music with the volume turned up to 10.

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The New Level Radio team prides itself on its expertise in music, messaging, and branding. Our staff has over 100 years of work in music production, marketing, promotion, on-air radio, multi-radio station production, programming, and many other fields that ensure you are receiving the best music/video environment as possible. Let's get started! Allow one of our team members to develop a demo for your casino, hotel, or retail space today.



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