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I'm Neil Moore, and I'm originally from Melbourne, Australia. My wife and I, and our three young children, moved to the USA in 1994. I'm a pianist (reasonably ok), a composer (more competent) and an educator (my unique ability). I've been self-employed for over 40 years (since my early 20s). For the last several decades I've run a multi-national music education organization that's built around a remarkable method of learning that I developed. We've emerged as a world leader in our field, and you can learn more about my program, my organization and it's global impact here on this site. I'm also deeply interested in human behavior, and have had plenty of my own struggles in that area. Over the last several decades I've learned how to manage and establish a pretty decent relationship with most of the bigger issues that I have. Along the way, I developed a behavioral 'model of interpretation' based on insights I've had in the area of emotional, attitude and perspective addiction. Working with this model has had a major, positive impact in my own life, and I've been able to share and contribute that to others. These days I have the privilege of being able to speak in public about my work in this area, and also consult privately as a professional Confidant.

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7 of My Tips for Raising a Musical Child


One of the most wonderful forms of self-expression parents can foster within their children is the ability to play music.

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Neil Moore is an Australian-born music educator, composer and author. He is the creator of the Simply Music method of learning, and the Founder of the Simply Music education organization. Simply Music is the global pioneer in playing-based music education, and presents a breakthrough method of learning that looks at music in a totally new light. Our underlying philosophy is that every human being is profoundly musical, and our programs are designed to impact populations of people. Currently, Simply Music's programs are taught by licensed educators at 700 locations across 12 countries. In addition they support an online, self-study student community across 129 countries. Our Massive Transformative Purpose is to create a breakthrough in music education and elevate the creative capability of humanity.



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Music Education

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