Nicole Brown

Member Since 2022

Nicole Brown

Chief Innovation Officer

Open Book Extracts

North Carolina

Nicole Brown serves as Chief Innovation Officer for North Carolina-based Open Book Extracts (, a foremost ingredient manufacturer, product development house, and supplier focused on cannabinoid-enabled (CBD) health and wellness. She channels data-driven consumer insights into a long-term course of action, delivering immediately usable product innovation, and also drives awareness and thought leadership by overseeing strategic marketing efforts, including PR, event marketing, advertising, and partnerships. Nicole is committed to a spirit of sustainability and social impact and has built and led best-in-class teams to foster an open culture to learn from one another.


  • Marketing
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  • Innovation


Open Book Extracts

Open Book Extracts is creating a healthier future through science-led innovation, developing next-generation cannabinoid products from concept to completion. Headquartered in Roxboro, North Carolina, we are a cGMP-certified manufacturer, with a state-of-the-art extraction campus near North Carolina’s Research Triangle, proprietary refinement and conversion methods backed by a growing IP portfolio, and a team of PhD chemists and seasoned business leaders to serve as the trusted partner for global brands seeking to enter the marketplace.


  • Cannabis
  • Product innovation
  • Scientific research