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Nicole Rodrigues is not your typical CEO. She's a powerhouse founder of two companies, NRPR Group and the Young Dreamers Foundation, as well as the host of the YouTube show, Beverly Hills Boss, and Author of Beverly Hills Boss the book. She's an award-winning, well-rounded public relations and marketing pro. Her extensive knowledge in bridging the gap between the technology and various consumer industries makes her extremely valuable to her team and clients. She has 21+ years of experience in PR, social media and digital marketing. Clients that have benefited from her counsel and skill include Heal, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Dialpad, Dolby, Yahoo!, MobiTV, Sony Playstation, Plantronics, Hulu, YouTube, M-GO, LA Comic Con, Demand Media (now Leaf Group), DreamView, COVID Clinic, and other dominant companies. Nicole is committed to mentoring junior staff, bringing efficiency to agency programs, and developing strategic PR and marketing communications plans that help clients reach their business goals through maximum exposure. Nicole prides herself in leading multi-practice digital teams at Bender/Helper Impact, Miller PR, Demand Media, and Voce Communications, prior to starting her firm. Her career also includes managing an international PR team at MobiTV - one of the pioneer solutions for digital & mobile entertainment delivery in the US. She also had a 3+ year stint with the Oakland (now Las Vegas) Raiders, managing player development campaigns and publicity projects for the team and cheering for the team as a Raiderette. She's the creator and personality behind "PRactical Guide to Publicity," an award-winning video series aimed at helping CEOs, CMOs and others understand the true benefits of utilizing PR and digital marketing. She holds a bachelor of science degree in Public Relations from San Jose State University and is an Executive MBA Candidate at UCLA Anderson School of Management - class of 2022.

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What Web3 and the Metaverse Mean For Brands and PR Pros


The developing metaverse has presented a unique opportunity for communications professionals.

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NRPR Group

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NRPR Group is a strategic positioning agency located in Beverly Hills, CA. Our services help businesses, celebrities, entertainment companies, consumer products and more. NRPR Group is NOT a typical public relations or social media marketing agency. We’re a group of hybrid publicists, content creators, strategic marketers, and creative minds. We understand the value of combining content PR with strategic social activity and our clients are reaping the benefits. We’re passionate about bridging the gaps between multiple elements of the entertainment industry, including talent, television, film and music; with clients in the technology and lifestyle industries. We cater to companies of any size. From start-up to grown up, we’re dedicated to helping clients reach their business objectives through our creative services. For more information, visit us at



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