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Paul Fitzgerald is the Founder and CEO of Salt & Pepper Media Inc. - a widely known public relations and digital media company with offices and field offices in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Fitzgerald is nearing completion of his PhD in Communication Sciences.

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What a Progressive Rock Metal Album Can Teach Brands About Sticking to Their Vision


What stemmed from the production of 2112 is embedded with timeless lessons for brands about sticking to your guns, or perhaps 2112-era laser pistols.

11 Mistakes Businesses Commonly Make When It Comes to Public Relations

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Building the brand image you want starts with smart PR moves. In business — and especially the culture space — what the public thinks of your brand is everything. Do they find you trustworthy and reliable? Do they think of you as innovative, cool or luxurious? Controlling the narrative around your brand is key to ensuring you create the image you’re after — and to ensuring you’re reaching your desired target audience.  However, public relations is an art as much as it is a science, and many businesses that don’t have experience in this particular area can end up making mistakes that could damage their reputation in the short and long term. To avoid these same blunders, consider this list of common mistakes as outlined by the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council. Below, they detail why these mistakes can be detrimental to your brand goals and advise what actions you should take instead.

What a No-Show Concert Can Teach a Brand About Crisis Management 101


This isn’t to suggest your next brand crisis can be solved by the CEO shredding a solo in the boardroom, although it couldn’t hurt to try.

Entrepreneurs: 12 Tips for Juggling Multiple Businesses at Once

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You can tackle more than you think — as long as you plan properly. After finding success in one business, entrepreneurs will often dip their toes in one or more other businesses, either as the founder, a board member or in another leadership capacity. While this can be very rewarding to do, it can also be the cause of a lot of stress if not managed properly. Overlapping schedules, a bursting to-do list and not nearly enough time for everything that needs to get done can quickly turn a rewarding endeavor into an overwhelming one. So how do serial entrepreneurs do it? According to the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council, the secret lies in the following 12 tips. Here, they expand on each one, offering up their best advice for any aspiring entrepreneur on how to juggle multiple businesses and responsibilities at the same time.

What a 1980 Heavy Metal Album Can Teach Your Brand About Reinvention


In music, and in business, it pays to be the trailblazers, the ones who define the zeitgeist, whose very wake is what shifts the waters. 

12 Ways Introverts Can Become Successful Leaders in the Culture Space

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Introverts bring a unique set of skills to the table that other leaders may not possess. When frequent networking, public speaking and an outgoing personality are so often praised as necessary for effective leadership, it can be difficult for introverts to see themselves running a business. But extroverts aren’t the only ones who have great ideas to share with the world, and it’s just as important for introverts to have their voices heard in the business space. By honoring their strengths — like listening and empathy — introverts can not only be effective leaders but great ones as well. Below, the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council offer their best tips to introverts looking to lead a successful business in the culture space and explain why they can do it just as well as anyone else can.

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Salt & Pepper Media Inc. are frontrunners in the public relations and digital media spaces. Paul Fitzgerald and his firm have become widely known since launching Salt & Pepper Media Inc. The firm now has offices and field office locations in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Salt & Pepper Media Inc. works with some of the biggest news networks in both the USA and Canada, including NBC, ABC, CBS, CBC, CTV, Global, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Forbes, Business Insider, and C-Net, to name a handful. For over the last decade, Fitzgerald has helped scores of start-ups launch their brands on the market. His firm works with new app companies, and innovative home, lifestyle, and software brands. To date, he has worked with over 350 start-ups that have experienced tremendous success. Fitzgerald is also a PR mentor/advisor for a number of esteemed institutions and networks, including The Forge at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, The Atlanta Tech Hub in Atlanta, Georgia, Idea Pros in San Diego, California, and One Item/Sports Science Index in Seattle, Washington. Fitzgerald has also been active as a journalist while running a popular international public relations and digital media company. He is currently a new innovations, science and technology, business, and lifestyle columnist with The Toronto Sun, The Toronto Tribune, The New York City Herald, and The Toronto Post-Gazette. His work has also appeared in The Associated Press, USA Today, and CNN International Report. Fitzgerald and his firm offer a number of innovative services for clients: media coverage, press, social media, website development, marketing, advertising, content writing, and more!



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