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Founder of Blokur - We help musicians and music companies get paid what they should, when they should, by ensuring that their rights are accurately represented.

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Nine Ways to Ensure Successful Brainstorming Sessions With Your Team

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Good ideas start with open-minded teams. While any one person can be a particularly good problem solver or a master of creativity, leveraging the power of a group and the multiple minds within it can often unleash some of your company’s best ideas. However, when not handled in the right way, what could have been a productive brainstorming session can easily turn into a quiet room or an argument among colleagues.  To ensure your team’s next round of brainstorming yields promising results, consider the following advice from the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council. Here, they share their insights on how to open your team’s minds, encourage them to speak up and generate thoughtful, actionable ideas.

15 Steps for Weaving Your Brand’s Mission Throughout Your Business Structure

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It's not enough to simply define your brand mission — you have to live it every day. For any business, having a clear and meaningful mission is critical for success. To truly live up to that mission, however, you must ensure that it is consistently and clearly woven throughout all aspects of the business. Your brand's mission should be evident in the company's values, culture and day-to-day operations. To help you achieve this, 15 Rolling Stone Culture Council members each outline one specific step or action businesses can take to ensure their mission is fully integrated into their operations and why this is so important for the success and sustainability of the business.

10 Networking Strategies for Innovators Who Want to Reach the Best of the Best

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As an innovator, you’re probably looking to rise to the top of your chosen industry. Networking with other top industry leaders is one strategy that can help you get there. The potential for new business opportunities from having a strong network is practically limitless; however, the days of handing out business cards are over. To shed some light on how the pros do it, 10 Rolling Stone Culture Council leaders share their best networking tips for how to build better relationships and connect with the cream of the crop.

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Blokur’s mission is to fulfill the potential of the Internet for the creator. We help musicians and music companies get paid what they should, when they should.



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