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Pierre Fautrel



Member Since October 2020


Music Production
Event Management
Art Direction


Artist, Entrepreneur, Co Founder at OBVIOUS Forbes 30 Under 30 Working with AI to create art. Co creator of "Edmond de Belamy" sold in auction for 435 000$ @Christie's NY

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We at Obvious wish to explore, use and share the different ways machine learning algorithms can catalyze our natural creativity. We wish to demonstrate that algorithms help us better understand how we function as humans, and push us to outsmart our current level of creativity. Through the creation of comprehensible artworks and by collaborating with the major actors that shape our society, our art collective wishes to shred some light on the emerging tools increasingly available for all types of creatives. We believe that a new generation of creators will rise, one that will know how to best build and manage algorithms that will help in an innovative process. We also want to promote a new level of collaboration between an artist and his tool, where the hands of the artist and the one of the machine are joined in the search of a new type of aesthetic and a deeper conceptual framework.



Area of focus

Deep Learning
Artificial Intelligence

Company size

2 - 10