Red Rodriguez

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Red Rodriguez

Director, Brand Partnerships


Los Angeles Area

Red Rodriguez is a cannabis expert who has spent a decade in the industry working with top dispensaries curating their products and advising brands. Red’s retail knowledge and expertise were behind curating the renowned Flower Menu at the first Cannabis Cafe in America. Now he’s part of the GRAV team as their Director of Brand Partnerships who oversees brand partnerships. Red is a California native who has witnessed the state's evolution on cannabis and experienced these changes firsthand.


  • Business Development & Partnerships
  • Retail
  • Creative Strategy


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Pedicabs whisking by a dingy warehouse complex while cannabis smoke and welder’s sparks billow through the air… this is where GRAV was born. A creative community in early 00’s Austin that was home to artists from all walks of life. From sculptors and ceramicists to glass-blowers and bespoke artists, everyone was united through their passion for art in an era simpler than today. Sharing a passion for creating, early members of GRAV were a mix of makers and pedicab drivers; this eclectic group brought the revolutionary Gravitron to life. The first all-glass gravity bong remains the most efficient way to smoke flower. The team truly believed this was the only product anyone would ever need to consume cannabis again. Little did they know it was just the beginning...