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Reenita Malhotra Hora is the CEO of Chapter by Episode Productions. With multiple years of experience in media, entertainment, communications, tech/innovation, and wellness industries in the U.S. and Asia, she grows organizations ranging from early-stage startups to mid-size businesses through storytelling, creative marketing, and business strategy. She has served as Head of Marketing at SRI International, VP of Content at hibooks/Otto Radio, and producer/presenter for Bloomberg, and she was an award-winning host for RTHK Radio 3 in Hong Kong. Reenita has written seven books – five non-fiction and two fiction. Her background as an Ayurveda Clinician has led her to teach clinical and CME programs to health care practitioners at the University of California schools (SF, Davis), University of North Carolina’s Global Medical Education Center, and Hong Kong University’s Li Ka Shing School of Medicine. For many years, she was an Ayurvedic consultant at California Pacific Center, and she has also been part of the teaching faculty at yoga teachers’ training programs in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. She has provided corporate wellness and business coaching programs to a variety of Hong Kong-based companies, mostly banks and financial services companies. Her workshops are based upon principles from the Vedas. She is a limited partner in the How Women Invest fund, which specifically invests in women-owned companies.

Published content

Eight Ways the Metaverse Could Affect Business in the Future

expert panel

These entrepreneurs predict we’ll see big changes in this virtual-first world. As the need for virtual solutions to everyday problems grows, so too does the interest in the metaverse — or a shared virtual world in which users can interact, play, experience and socialize much like they do in the real world. Businesses too are betting on the metaverse, with giants like Facebook rebranding to Meta in late 2021. But how exactly the metaverse will affect business as a whole is still up for debate and speculation. As leaders in their respective niches, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council have reflected on their thoughts about the metaverse and, below, share their predictions for the ways they see this virtual world affecting business in the coming future.

Controversial Business? 10 Strategies for Dealing with Naysayers Online

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Your response will say a lot about your company. When your business operates in a niche that can sometimes experience controversy or deals with controversial subjects, such as cannabis or art, you’re bound to come across a few naysayers along the way. While you can’t prevent this situation from happening, you can control the way you respond. In a public space like social media, the way you conduct yourself in reaction to any “hate comments” or “trolls” can have a major impact on the way your business is perceived by current and potential customers. So before you hit “reply,” consider the following 10 strategies recommended by a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council experts for responding to any controversy that may arise.

Eight Ways These Entrepreneurs Are Bringing People Together During the Pandemic

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All it takes is the right idea to build positive connections. At a time when so many of us have been forced apart, industries of all sorts — from gaming to food to music as well as cannabis — have sought out ways to bring people back together and build back the connections we felt were lost.  Below, a group of Rolling Stone Culture Council members explain the ways that they and their companies have worked to bring people together during the past two years of illness, shutdowns and quarantines and how they’re continuing to focus on those relationships now.

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Using technology in cutting-edge, creative ways is a new approach to commanding our space.

How the Old Ways of Getting Our Stories Out There Are Changing in the Digital Era


In a digital world, sharing and publishing content is more accessible than ever. 

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Chapter by Episode is an exciting mobile hub for immersive storytelling. Our treasure-house of stories is published to be read in bite-sized episodes optimized for the smartphone reader. Chapter by Episode strives to present the newest and brightest in entertaining, diverse, serialized fiction to readers while providing authors with innovative ways to build readerships and monetize their work.



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