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As CEO and Founder of Accountability Inc., best-selling author, and the #1 Thought Leader on Entrepreneurship ranked by Thinkers360, Rhett Power stands at the forefront of executive leadership development. As a six-time founder, he offers an unrivaled perspective, helping today's leaders and founders tackle challenges and overcome fears while fine-tuning focus and fostering high-performance cultures. His coaching is transformative. Rhett helps you unlock your potential, drive success, and cultivate an environment where innovation flourishes. His strategies emphasize effective communication, strategic goal-setting, informed decision-making, and daily habits that shape great leaders and teams. Apart from being a recognized Forbes columnist and global speaker, he's an esteemed fellow at The Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, affiliated with Harvard Medical School, showcasing his unparalleled expertise. Furthermore, he hosts LinkedIn Live's highly-watched show, Power Lunch Live. His impact on the world's biggest brands, like The United States Department of State, United Airlines, FIFA Vodafone, Allstate, and Novant Health, underlines his credibility and efficacy as a coach. Engaging with Rhett Power isn't just an investment in professional growth; it's a significant step towards unprecedented leadership excellence.

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Lessons Worth Embracing for Creative Business Leaders


For those in creative industries, letting go of outdated ideas, unproductive collaborations and mental clutter can lead to a resurgence of creativity and innovation.

Nine Methods for Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt as a Business Leader

expert panel

Succeeding in business often means turning your fears into opportunities for growth. While it’s necessary to be confident in order to run a successful business, that doesn’t mean business leaders never have feelings of self-doubt or fear. Operations may be running smoothly one day and hit a major roadblock the next. An investor could turn down your pitch, or sales could suddenly take a turn for the worse. Any of these moments would naturally cause leaders to feel anxious about their abilities, but the best leaders know how to overcome those feelings and forge ahead. At times, the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council have had their own doubts and fears to contend with. Here, they share how they tackled these feelings head on and how they became better leaders for having done so.

Stop the Scroll: 12 Tips to Make Attention-Grabbing Videos

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The key to making your business stand out lies in how well you know your viewers. Whether you’re creating a video ad or an educational "how-to" video for your business, there are just some creative tactics that seem to lend themselves well to the video format. Taking advantage of these tactics is critical in an age where getting someone to stop scrolling through their social media feed is key to getting your business noticed. So what can you do to stop the scroll? Here, 12 business leaders from Rolling Stone Culture Council discuss their best tips for creating something that will make viewers stop scrolling, engage with your video and, ultimately, become a patron of your brand.

Lost the Passion for Your Career? 10 Tips for Getting It Back

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Losing your passion doesn’t mean it has to be gone forever. It’s not uncommon to make your career your passion, to want to work on something you feel inspired by and that gets you excited to go to work each day. However, even if you’re in your “dream job,” it’s possible to sometimes feel like you’ve lost that passion. Whether it’s a series of failures that have you questioning your abilities or a combination of long hours and too many tasks piling up making you desperate for rest, there are a number of factors that can leave you wondering if you’ve lost your passion forever. As business leaders and entrepreneurs, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council have also felt the fatigue and self-doubt of lost passion. Here, they share their best advice for how to regain the passion for your career and discuss how losing their own passion has helped to shape their careers today.

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At Accountability Inc., we specialize in a single mission: teaching organizations and their leaders the importance of accountability and demonstrating how it can be the defining factor in their business success.



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