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Robert Johnson

CEO/Founder of Mycroboost & Custom Capsule ConsultantsMycroboost

Los Angeles, CA

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Robert Johnson founded premium mushroom product line Mycroboost as well as Custom Capsule Consultants, where he is CEO/ His work in the cannabinoid, health and supplement space since 2008 has given him deep expertise around cannabinoids, hemp, mushrooms, supplements, product development, business development, market demands and consumer trends. Robert has a proven track record of establishing successful business ventures in the health and wellness space. Before founding Custom Capsule Consultants in 2019, Robert was Co-Founder and Head of Sales at TetraLabs, the company that pioneered the development of premium pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid products in 2010, as well as the use of fractional distillation to clarify and isolate THC oil. He has launched numerous innovative products in the hemp space, including the first softgels on the market. He also served as co-owner and CEO at CannaCatering, which he grew from a bootstrapped start-up to a California industry leader in two years. He is now a regular presenter at CBD Training Academy, where he speaks about custom formulations and product differentiation. Robert’s singular experience, extensive industry network, business acumen and keen insight into the future of the hemp and supplement marketplaces form an invaluable component of Custom Capsule Consultants client services. Robert provides experienced, personalized counsel to all CCC clients regarding their product concepts and business plans.

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Mycroboost is an organic mushroom product line, designed to make the health benefits of mushrooms accessible to all. Our gummies and softgels are organic, naturally sourced and certified lab tested. We source our mushrooms—lion’s mane, chaga, reishi, cordyceps and turkey tail—from a premium North American cultivator with four decades of myco-experience. We make our products exclusively with fruiting bodies (not mycelial biomass) for maximum health benefits, quality and taste. Unlike other organic mushroom products sold in major stores, our products are made with fruiting bodies (not mycelial biomass) and routinely tested to guarantee safety, quality and an unbeatable taste. We also work with an industry-leading supplier who has more than 40 years of myco-experience. The result? Quality organic mushrooms that are verified by science and trusted by many. Our CEO Robert Johnson is committed to making the magic of organic mushrooms more accessible without sacrificing quality, taste, or safety.


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