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Forbes 30 Under 30 Royston G King is a self-made & world-renowned 8-figure multi-millionaire award-winning serial entrepreneur, multiple best-selling author, celebrity socialite media personality, most coveted TEDx & keynote speaker, & world’s leading preeminent philanthropist Partner & advisor to celebrities, billionaires, royal family brands, billion-dollar brands, public-listed companies, New York Times best-selling authors, social media verified (actors, pro athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs, personal brand influencers, etc.), Fortune500, Inc5000, & the world’s biggest brands Investor & board of advisors to 100+ companies. All with enterprise value surpassing USD $1+ billion Over 12+ million direct social media followers, 1+ million members, & 1+ billion views Endorsed by the world’s top celebrities Collaborated with A-list celebrities, Shark Tank brands, Y-combinator companies, billion-dollar public-listed companies, & the world’s largest brands Verified on Google & social media Mentor & coach at the world’s #1 accelerators Top expert council member & contributor to the world’s biggest news media publications Featured in most of the world’s biggest news media publications (including TV, radio, newspaper, New York Times Square billboard, magazine front cover, etc.) Honorary recipient of dozens of awards/accolades (including Top 10s, Top 20s, 30 Under 30, 40 Under 40, Top 50s, Top 100s, etc.) Connected/rubbed shoulders/taken photos with dozens of the world’s biggest A-list celebrities, billionaires, billion-dollar CEOs, Hollywood, media moguls, native country politicians, etc. Not limited to Tim Cook, Steve Wozniak, Richard Branson, John Paul Dejoria, Janice Bryant Howroyd, Gary Vaynerchuk, Robert Cialdini, Grant Cardone, Jonathan Neman, Nathaniel Ru, Scott Patiner, Charlie Rocket, Gary Gold Playboy Mansion Realtor, Vincent Stanley, Chrissy Costanza, Tan Sri Dr Lim Wee Chai, Donnie Yen, Datuk Ramli Ibrahim, Vincent Tan, Idris Jala, Kevin O' Leary, Jeffrey Cheah, one of the world’s youngest millionaires, the world’s best marketers, etc. Backed by investor network of USD $100+ Million-$1+ Billion asset under management by ultra-high-net-worth individuals & their portfolio of companies Sold & exited Master Scaling (group of industry & nation-leading digital agencies in lead generation & direct-to-consumer ecommerce) as sole founder 100% bootstrapped from $10k loan from brother-in-law to multi-millions of dollars

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12 Things You'll Need if You Want to Build a True Lifestyle Brand

expert panel

There are countless lifestyle brands on the market today, so you'll need the right elements to stand out as a memorable one. Lifestyle brands have become popular with celebrities, influencers and entrepreneurs alike, with platforms like Instagram or Facebook serving as their ideal place for sharing small snippets of their lives. Whether they’re centered around everyday life or an aspirational dream, these lifestyles form the basis for marketing a business’s products or services. But to make a lifestyle brand work, entrepreneurs need to develop a strategy with all the right components in place. To that end, 12 Rolling Stone Culture Council members share the ingredients entrepreneurs will need to craft a true lifestyle brand that will help them connect with their ideal audience.

How to Push Past the Fear of Failure When You Launch Your Business

expert panel

Many entrepreneurs are afraid of failing when they first start out, but it's possible to push past that fear and find success. Today, more people than ever are driven to create their own businesses. While the thought of being your own boss and creating something you love can be exhilarating, many entrepreneurs also experience that prickly feeling of fear when they actually launch. After all, the potential for failure is high in the early stages of a startup, and new businesses don't always make it past their first few years. Some people will fold under the pressure while others will rise to the challenge despite their fear. To help you ensure you're in the latter camp, 14 members of Rolling Stone Culture Council share how entrepreneurs can overcome the fear of failure and push forward.

Seeking a Business Partner? Here Are the 10 Essentials You Should Be Looking For

expert panel

Before you commit to a business partner, make sure they bring the right skills and traits to the table. As in any other partnership, a business partnership can bring incredible value -- as long as it's the right fit. If not, the relationship could become detrimental to the success of the company. That's why entrepreneurs must carefully consider whether a prospective partner will complement their leadership style and the business, or whether it's best to find another solution. If you're seeking a new business partnership, make sure your potential collaborator has these 10 critical essentials, as recommended by members of Rolling Stone Culture Council. 

12 Tips for Business Leaders Trying to Stay Positive During Tough Times

expert panel

A leader’s mindset can make a huge difference in how well a business succeeds during times of uncertainty. The business world can often feel like a roller coaster with unpredictable ups and downs. While it's easy for business leaders to stay positive during the good times, it can be harder to keep that same attitude when the going gets tough. Cultivating the right mindset can help leaders better navigate challenges and have a greater appreciation for the victories. If you're looking for a boost of positivity, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council share their tried-and-true strategies for staying positive no matter the external circumstances.

12 Business Leaders Share Their Best Tips for ‘Going Live’

expert panel

Before you hit that "go live" button, make sure you have a plan in place for a successful social media live stream. Whether it's on Instagram, Facebook or other social media platforms, live video content provides fun and welcome variation to your social media strategy. It allows for more connection between your brand and your customers, and may even introduce a new audience to your company. But there is an art to doing live videos well, and it's important to understand the basics before you start streaming. To help, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council members share their best practices for a successful social media live stream — from ensuring added value to advertising in advance — and how to adapt these practices to your own strategies.

11 Steps to Help You Find Your Brand Identity

expert panel

The key to differentiating yourself in the market is identifying and developing a strong brand identity. The way you position and identify your brand has a huge impact on the way you're perceived, from the business opportunities you’re offered to the type of customer who purchases your products or services. Developing this brand identity often begins by asking a series of introspective questions: What does your company stand for? What issues do you care about? What gap in the market do you fill? These are important questions to answer and reevaluate often as a business owner, but they're far from the only ways to conceptualize your brand. Below, 11 Rolling Stone Culture Council members offer their best advice for finding your brand's identity and explain why each step is so important.

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