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Old Pal

Old Pal is a lifestyle brand focused around the idea of communal cannabis consumption. Old Pal is our ode to the cannabis growers before us. The men, women, and families who have risked everything to grow this miraculous plant for the last couple of decades. You see, while the legalization of cannabis is one of the most momentous and amazing movements of our lifetime, many boutique, family-owned farms are being forced out of the market by large companies. This has had a catastrophic impact on many of the families in the Emerald Triangle - aka the heart and sole of the cannabis revolution. Old Pal is our way of supporting these farmers, by creating a communal brand and getting it in as many people's hands as possible. Those who paved the road deserve to see their farms thrive- that is our mission. Every farm we work with uses pesticide free growing practices and lets good ol'​ sunshine do the rest. This is reefer the way mother nature intended..... This is our big 'Thank You'​ to all the amazing people who risked everything they had to make this our reality.