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Ryan Wyatt

Advisor & Investor

Los Angeles, CA

Member Since February 2023


Wyatt began his professional journey in the creator economy, notably serving as the inaugural Head of Gaming at YouTube. There, he was instrumental in transforming the platform into a gaming giant boasting over 400 million daily active users. Later, he helmed one of the world's premier blockchain firms before transitioning into an investment and advisory role. Among Wyatt's personal achievements are distinctions like Forbes 30 Under 30, The Hollywood Reporter 35 Under 35, and Fortune 40 Under 40, in addition to becoming a NY Times Best Selling Author. As a top executive, he's garnered accolades including TIME 100 Most Influential Companies, Fortune 40 Crypto, Decrypt's Project of the Year, and CoinDesk's Most Influential 2022.

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Five Lessons From My First Year Working In Web3


This was the proverbial year when decades happened. Here are five of the most important things I’ve learned along the way.

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