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I am an innovation-focused and impact-driven fund manager and tech investor with a burning passion for Web3, AI, and creating impact. As an entrepreneur, I have three exits under my belt, which started my journey into the world of investing. I figured that the best way to be a part of the future is to help shape it. On top of participating in equity rounds, I also purchased my first digital assets in 2014. That's when I first heard about the so-called "fourth industrial revolution" and felt like I had to be a part of it.


November 23rd, 2022

11 Lessons You Can Learn From Slow Business Growth

When business growth slows or remains stagnant, there's often an important lesson to be learned.

November 18th, 2022

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Our mission is to make gaming personal – by giving millions of gamers the opportunity to engage in their passion, personalize their gaming experience and find people to play with. Wasder was founded 2017 by a group of gamers who saw need for change for an industry which was developing amazing games, but lacked personalization and access to likeminded players. In 2021 Wasder will reinvent how we find people to play with – by Introducing the future of Match Making, we call it Party Play.


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