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Sarah Berner Donahue is the founder of One House and One House Circle. Sarah creates and incubates supportive ecosystems where individuals and their communities can thrive. To do this, she architects and teaches “new, old” structures for connection, innovation, and community building. Sarah’s work often focuses on storytelling, listening, and brand whispering, as well as investing, with a focus on women and marginalized communities. In addition to being the Founder of One House and One House Circle, Sarah sits on various boards and acts as a strategic advisor to her projects and portfolio companies. Sarah has a background in finance and spent 9 years as Managing Director at Aristeia Capital, a $6 Billion Fund. Sarah is a certified yoga instructor and an avid meditator. After living and working in over 10 countries, across three continents, “home” is Venice, CA, or wherever the wind blows her and her husband, son, daughter, and chihuahua.

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