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Sarah is a futures activist. She uses her skills in strategic foresight, futures thinking, futurecraft and futurism to create art, conduct research, and perform social experiments to inspire positive change to build better futures. As a multipotentialite cultural strategist who has worked in 22 countries (and circumnavigated the world by ship), Sarah engages people from all walks of life in shaping the future for inclusive and equitable tomorrowing. Watch out for her guerrilla curiosity interventions. They'll tickle your curiosity muscles. Sarah is a magpie inventor. A boffin of curiosity science. A dilettante explorer. A mistress of "exotic data." And, a creative sprite. Her Burning Man playa name is "Serendipity."

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11 Ways to Show Your Employees You Care About Their Mental Health and Well-Being

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A little support from leadership can go a long way. Filled with worry about the rising cost of living, the possible negative implications of AI in the workplace and increasingly unsustainable workloads, employees are feeling burned out. And with high levels of employee stress, both productivity and overall employee morale are negatively affected, meaning leaders are likely to have a growing problem from both a profit and personnel perspective if they don’t get a handle on it — and fast. However, the solution may be a simple one: support. According to the business experts of Rolling Stone Culture Council, showing your employees you care about them and their mental health and well-being is an essential first step to improving employee happiness and decreasing the cases of burnout. Here are the 11 ways they recommend you do so.

10 Strategies for Better Business Decisions and Less Mental Exhaustion

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Taking care of yourself first ensures you can take care of your company better. Leading a business can be exhausting, but part of being a leader is showing up and giving your all each day, even when things aren’t going how you planned. Finding ways to increase your efficiency without creating more mental work for yourself can be a helpful way of lessening the mental strain that comes with being the boss. When it comes to decision fatigue, for example, there are specific strategies you can use to ensure you never cross that line of exhaustion, even on a busy day. Below, the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council share some of those strategies, elaborating on how they go about making good decisions as leaders while protecting their mental well-being at the same time.

Eight Struggles You May Face When Raising Capital for Your Business

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To impress potential investors, put yourself in their shoes. One of the most difficult aspects of getting a business off the ground is finding the money to be able to do so. While there are a number of ways to fund a business — crowdsourcing, family and friends, investors, bootstrapping and more — each comes with their own pros and cons, benefits and challenges, meaning no one business will likely follow the same financial path.  However, there are a number of similar struggles you may face when trying to raise capital for your business that other seasoned entrepreneurs have also experienced. To share their own stories and advice, eight business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council weigh in on common fundraising challenges and what they would advise others do to avoid or overcome the same obstacles they faced themselves.

16 Ways to Build Meaningful Network Connections That Go Beyond the Surface

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Be yourself and be curious, and the right people will find you. In business, who you know is everything. That means building real connections — ones you can count on, that go beyond surface-level acquaintances — should be a high priority for professionals looking to advance in their careers or business. However, just networking likely won’t get you the kind of relationships you’ll need to succeed. To build real connections, follow the 16 tips outlined by the culture and business experts of Rolling Stone Culture Council and see why being intentional about your relationships can propel you forward far faster than just networking alone.

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