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Experienced in reinventing himself in the entertainment industry. Strong business development professional skilled in theater production, talent booking, marketing, event management, creative direction, television, and startups. TEDx speaker.

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10 Tips for Business Leaders Looking to Nail Their Next Interview

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If you’re feeling nervous about a media appearance, consider these tips to help you prepare. Not all business leaders are natural speakers, but they often need to promote their businesses on TV, the radio, podcasts or other media channels. For the inexperienced speaker, this can be a terrifying prospect. After all, the impression you make as a leader will be the first impression many viewers or listeners have of your business. As experienced business leaders themselves, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council have a few tips to share that can help you prepare for your first media appearance. Follow one or more of their suggestions to not only nail your interview but impress potential customers as well.

The Show Must Go On... Privately: The Post-Pandemic Encore


Private bookings might not be the typical rockstar way of life, but they won't leave the artist’s accountant singing the blues.

Seven Ways to Leverage Generative AI for Your Business

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Generative AI might be just the tool you need to improve your business operations. Thanks to recent advancements in technology, businesses can access a myriad of tools and strategies to reach new realms of growth and efficiency. Among these transformative technologies, generative AI tools like ChatGPT are becoming increasingly commonplace, helping users quickly gather information and generate content. However, as with any emerging technology, users may not always understand the best way to leverage generative AI. Below, Rolling Stone Culture Council members share how they've used generative AI to assist in their business endeavors and how they recommend other leaders follow suit.

The Crowd Takes the Stage: Tech Trends in Entertainment


Several key trends are beginning to grease the wheels of a new era in live entertainment.

Feeling Stressed? 17 Ways Business Leaders Can Effectively Manage Their Mental Health

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Leadership can be stressful, but these simple practices can help business leaders better manage their mental health.  Leading a company can be an exhilarating and fulfilling experience, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges and pressures. When you’re a business leader, maintaining good mental health is crucial for both personal well-being and effective decision-making.  To that end, 17 Rolling Stone Culture Council members explore some proven strategies business leaders can employ to manage their mental health amid the challenging demands of their roles. From regular exercise to setting boundaries to seeking support and fostering a positive work culture, these strategies can encourage a healthier and more resilient approach to leadership.

Cultivating a Less Corporate Approach to Live Entertainment


Not every live show should be or can be a blockbuster mainstream hit.

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Fan Rebellion seeks to disrupt the funding model of Las Vegas entertainment by allowing anyone the opportunity to invest in its productions. Instead of investing in just one project, you are able to invest in the company as a whole, across multiple projects.



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