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Sevier Crespo

Head of Production | Producer | Line ProducerPeanut Gallery Group

Los Angeles, CA

Member Since December 2022


Feature Films
Film Production


Puerto Rican-born Sevier Crespo, p.g.a., is an award-winning film, television and commercial producer who learned the ropes from such heavyweights as Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael Mann and Ridley Scott. Crespo studied production at UCLA while working under the tutelage of Robert Townsend and director Sam Bayer at Ridley Scott’s RSA USA, Inc. Crespo’s film “Billy Knight,” starring the legendary Al Pacino, Charlie Heaton (“Stranger Things”) and Diana Silvers (“Booksmart”), is currently filming in Los Angeles. Last year, Sevier’s feature “Karen,” starring Taryn Manning (“Orange is the New Black,” "Hustle & Flow”) was named a top independent film of 2021, catching the attention of national press from “Entertainment Tonight” to People. Upcoming releases for Crespo include the film “Year 2,” starring Frank Grillo and “Killing Class” with an all-star ensemble cast. Sevier’s prior film credits include the comedy feature “Pendejo” starring Danny Trejo, “The Culling” starring Johnathan Schaech, “El Guardia” which premiered at Cannes in 2019 and and “Borrego” which premiered theatrically starring Lucy Hale. TV credits include a pilot for NBC with Mandy Moore, James Roday and Dulé Hill, as well as “Mack & Moxy” for Netflix, which won 2 awards for kids programming. Some accolades for his projects include Best American Comedy at the NY International Film Festival, TV Guide’s Hot List, a Parents’ Choice Award, and a Mom’s Choice Award. In addition to developing and producing films and television shows, Crespo also produces global advertising campaigns and has worked with such iconic brands as Adidas, Reebok, UFC, Coca-Cola, Nike, NBA, NFL, NBC, Universal and Netflix. Over the years Crespo has also worked with such prominent figures as David Beckham, Kendrick Lamar, Kurt Russell, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Virgil Abloh, Pierce Brosnan, Adam Devine, Ellen Barkin, Nina Dobrev.

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Peanut Gallery Group

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The Peanut Gallery Group is a full service production company based in Los Angeles, CA. Helmed by Founder and Producer, Sevier Crespo, member of Producers Guild of America, PGG takes pride in cultivating each project with a fresh, upbeat attitude, meticulous budgeting and efficient production from start to finish.  PGG covers all aspects of shoot management and coordination including signatory and union statuses, budgeting, location sourcing and management, casting and talent negotiations, payroll, behind-the-scenes video, and all aspects of post production. Our aim is simple: We take care of all the details so you can focus on getting the best content possible. Clients include Netflix, NBCUniversal, UFC, Reebok, NBA, NFL, Adidas, Nike SB, Legoland, Universal Music, EA Sports, CapitolRecords, Epic, Virgin Records, and NASA/JPL.



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shoot management and coordination including signatory and union statuses
location sourcing and management
casting and talent negotiations

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51 - 200

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