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Sheila Dedenbach

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Sacramento, CA

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Sheila is the Founder and Owner of Heavenly Sweet, an award-winning edibles brand in California and Heavenly Sweet Nevada. She has a degree in Business Communications and has owned several businesses, including non-cannabis confectionery company, business management and sales-driven companies. Sheila has extensive sales organization background along with decades of people management and team motivational experiences. Sheila brought skills developed in previous businesses to the formation of Heavenly Sweet in 2008. She is a legacy cannabis business owner who has put integrity at the forefront of her business model. Sheila is actively involved in decision-making for all of her businesses, on a daily basis. She is a constant promoter of her brands and services, believing in their benefits for the client. She personally interfaces with clients and consumers to maintain relevancy within the cannabis space. She plans and initiates business growth policies and projections for all of her companies. Sheila is actively involved in each company and each employee, approaching each day with gratitude for the opportunities she has.

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Heavenly Sweet

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Heavenly Sweet products are made using the finest quality ingredients and prepared adhering to the highest standards. All products are prepared by an experienced and knowledgeable staff of product crafters in a Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) licensed facility. Heavenly Sweet products are created with the adult palate in mind, incorporating satisfying flavor and textural combinations with accurate cannabinoid content. We balance ingenuity, artistry and science to manufacture reliably consistent and delicious products. Customer satisfaction is our ONLY goal. When Heavenly Sweet began in 2008, there were no industry standards for dosing medicated Cannabis edibles. Ahead of state-regulations, in 2017 Heavenly Sweet adopted 10mg per dose which California state regulators later recognized as its dosing schedule. Every product is state-compliance tested and clearly labeled so that consumers can make an informed decision. Heavenly Sweet edibles are made from sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strains. We infuse every product with careful precision to maintain the potency and clarity. Additionally, we test throughout the process to ensure quality and consistency. Cannabinoid content is listed on each label and step-by-step instructions to determine your personal dosing can be found on the Golden Rules of Edibles page of our website. We make products with a variety of strengths ranging from our Munchies line which includes both sweet and savory options containing approximately 1mg THC per piece, to our 4oz Medicinal Cannabutter with 2000mg THC. Whatever your personal dosage, you can easily apply it to ANY of Heavenly Sweet’s delightfully satisfying hand crafted items. There are several delicious ways to eat your cannabis. Enjoy a sweet, chewy Fruity Treat or create your own using one of Heavenly Sweet’s Cannabutter concentrates. Whatever product you choose, you can achieve your desired effect, discretely, whenever needed. We work hard at making edibles easy for you.



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