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Shirin Etessam

Founder | CEOOML

San Francisco, CA

Member Since March 2021


Public Speaking


Shirin Etessam is an entrepreneur, seasoned media executive, and transformational speaker. She has produced films, original television series and specials, created several companies, and led campaigns for some of the world’s most recognized companies (ABC, CBS, Discovery, BBC, Facebook, Apple, Intel, Virgin, and many more). A proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Shirin founded OML TV, a popular platform dedicated to streaming and curating quality, queer female, video content and OML Originals, a female led production company telling diverse female stories through a vast spectrum of film and television genres. Today, Shirin guides seekers in her six-week program, Free to Be, to disconnect their human “being” from their human “doing” to find true and lasting fulfillment.

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How to Resolve Creative Differences With Your Fellow Business Leaders

expert panel

By resolving creative differences, you can unlock the potential of collaborative leadership. In a dynamic culture space, clashes of creative visions are inevitable among leaders in the business. These differences can stem from varying perspectives, artistic preferences or strategic approaches, among other reasons. However, resolving such conflicts and finding common ground is crucial for maintaining a harmonious and productive work environment. Below, Rolling Stone Culture Council leaders explore practical tips and strategies to navigate creative differences and foster collaborative solutions that honor diverse viewpoints in the workplace.

The Art of Manifesting in Business


Manifesting requires you to have your head fully and completely in the game, as you write out your intention, set goals, visualize success and achieve! 

Nine Essential Steps Professionals Can Take to Stay Relevant in an AI-Dominated World

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Critical thinking, relationship-building, adaptability and other uniquely human traits will be the key to success in today's AI-dominated work landscape. As artificial intelligence continues to reshape industries and job markets, professionals are left wondering how they can stay relevant and thrive in this new work world. Thankfully, while AI can automate many routine tasks, it cannot replace the skills that make people uniquely human. Below, nine members of Rolling Stone Culture Council discuss the essential steps that professionals should take to stay relevant and succeed in an AI-dominated work world. Read on to learn which specific traits they believe are vital for navigating the ever-changing landscape of work.

Shifting Perspective: Identity Versus Career


The journey of self-discovery may take some time and definitely some commitment, but it comes down to this: We are a combination of our standards, ideals, values and beliefs.

Why Walking The Talk Is Not a Straight Line


Success and failure walk hand in hand.

Let's Stop Calling It Work-Life Balance


“Work-life balance” is elusive and faulty.

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OML is the world's first 24/7 TV Channel for Queer Womxn reaching over 250 million households and devices. LIVE: ON-DEMAND:



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