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Sidney Swift is an American entrepreneur, inventor, investor, and the founder and CEO of web3 entertainment company Defient. Previously, Sidney worked within the entertainment and technology industries for over 15 years as a Grammy-nominated, 10x platinum songwriter, producer, and engineer. He has worked alongside artists like Drake, Beyonce, Future, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Jason Derulo, DJ Khaled, Panic at the Disco!, and more. In 2017 Sidney started Defient - a web3 agency and NFT incubator - with the purpose of bridging culture and the metaverse together, finding early success with the virtual artist "Chillpill". In 2019 Sidney was granted a US patent for inventing the secondary device synchronization, a technology used in music and tv to layer media experiences. He has worked with countless artists and brands to understand and identify strategies that usher them into the world of web3.


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Defient helps businesses develop go-to-market strategies that transform passive audiences into active fans and monetize the metaverse.


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