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Entrepreneur and founder of successful businesses in multiple industries since 1992 in the Finance, Tech, Nutraceutical and Cannabis spaces

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11 Leaders Share Their Secrets to Retaining Top Talent as Workers Continue to Resign

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The key to modern employee retention really isn’t a secret at all. At a time when employees are leaving their jobs en masse, it can be challenging to maintain your top workers. Employees today are more comfortable quitting a job in search of something better, so if your business doesn't meet their expectations, you might be struggling to fill several suddenly open positions. Having committed, long-term employees helps with overall production speeds and cultivates a positive work environment. So with advice like listening to employee feedback and creating individualized success plans, 11 Rolling Stone Culture Council members share their "secrets" to employee retention and why these strategies work so well.

14 Top Lessons These Leaders Learned From Their Business Mentors

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A mentor’s advice can change the way you view yourself and your business. For those lucky enough to find one, a mentor can be an invaluable ally when starting a business. Their expert guidance and leadership can help provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to push past obstacles and build something truly sustainable. The members of Rolling Stone Culture Council have each had their own role models and mentors throughout their business journeys. Below, they each share the top lesson they learned from their mentor and how that lesson impacts the way they lead their businesses now.

Thinking About Hosting a Pop-Up Event? 12 Ways to Ensure It Succeeds

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Advertising isn’t the only way to get your event noticed. If you’re a new business trying to drum up awareness or an established business just trying to expand your reach, pop-up events are a great way to get your brand in front of more potential customers. Because of their temporary nature, they’re perfect for creating a sense of urgency and mystique that will draw in curious minds. But how can businesses best capitalize on these events? To help answer that question, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council experts weigh in with their best tips on how to run a successful pop-up event and generate buzz for your business.

Seven Tips for Proving the Credibility of Your New Business

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It'll take more than a little convincing to show your customers your business is the "real deal." When you start a new business, one of your greatest challenges is convincing potential customers of your credibility. They need to know that your business can be trusted and that the product or service they’re paying for will be high quality and delivered in a timely fashion. Convincing them of this is the first step toward gaining them as a potential lifelong customer. But the process for convincing a customer that you’re a credible business is not necessarily straightforward, as different customers will consider different factors, and no one element will likely be enough to change their minds. This is why the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council listed out their top strategies for proving the credibility of your business below. Implement one or all of these tips to see a change in the way your company is viewed.

Business Owners: 14 Tips to Forge New Connections in Your Space

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Building a powerful network can help your business in more ways than one. Networking is not a new concept in the business world, and certainly not to the business professionals who are doing it. But for business owners, forging new connections with other businesses in the same space can often feel like trying to make friends with the competition, and knowing how or when to reach out might not come naturally. But building that network of support is key to long-term business success, and can be especially important during the first few years of growth. So to help demystify the networking process, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council provided their best tips on how to do it right and how to ensure you’re building strong relationships for the long term.

11 Tips Any Business Can Use to Create More Engaging Videos

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In order to engage your viewers, you have to first create something worth watching. As more and more people turn to video as their choice format for content consumption, an increasing number of businesses are jumping on the video bandwagon as well. But savvy marketers should know that it isn’t enough to simply create video content in order to gain the attention of your customers — your videos have to be truly worth watching. To share their insights into creating engaging videos, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council members each detail their top tip below.

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So what does this word mean you ask? marQaha is an old Arabic word that has come to mean "enlightened bliss" that originated from the drinking of "qahwa" that was brewed from the coffee "bunn" (bean) and used in a variety of ways to stimulate the mind and body. As early as 1221, the dancing, free-thinking Sufi sect combined coffee and cannabis as Bhang or as a green tincture sipped from a vessel ("the Emerald Cup") to establish a deeper connection with their creator. We felt the combination of spirituality and a deep historical connection to the plant should be continued into the future as people find and embrace their own path to bliss and truth. History and Beyond Founded in 2010, marQaha is one of the oldest and most trusted companies in the industry. Since this time we have heard many incredible stories, met amazing people and are still learning much about the plant. We look forward to continuing this journey together.



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