Sonia Singh

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Sonia Singh

Psychotherapist, Owner, Executive Clinical Director

Center of Inner Transformations

New Jersey

Introduction: Ms. Sonia Singh, LCSW, LCADC is a Punjabi-American double board licensed psychotherapist (LCSW- Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor) who specializes in the treatment of the entire spectrum of mental health conditions and/or substance abuse related concerns using alternative methods. Also popularly known as her US Trademarked entity, The Happy Therapist, Ms. Singh is the owner of Center of Inner Transformations which is an alternative mental health agency that provides a variety of alternative programming, including psychedelic therapies, medical cannabis and psychosis induced harm reduction therapies, specialized Immigration evaluations and reporting, a variety of different mental health therapies that use integrative methods and many more services. Primary areas of specialty include: Medical Cannabis, Psychedelic Therapies, Substance abuse & addiction; Immigration & mental health evaluations and reporting for immigration petitions and waiver cases; Psychiatric Service and Emotional Support Animal recommendations; Anxiety; Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Depression. Ms. Sonia Singh is an active advocate, lecturer, public speaker and educator on the topics of medical cannabis and psychedelic intervention for mental health. She has spoke at many prestigious Universities, Corporations and for government and non-profit agencies as well. She has worked as a clinician in variety of different capacities before transitioning to her leadership role at COITHEALTH. She has provided individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy in outpatient, intensive outpatient, intensive in community and in tele-health e-counseling settings. She also is a media influencer and utilizes the media to educate, empower, inspire and promote mental wellness and alternative psychedelic therapies. She been featured in a variety of different magazine publications that have reached millions of viewers.


  • Group Therapy
  • Mental Health
  • Family Therapy


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Center of Inner Transformations, LLC is a leading outpatient mental health, substance use, abuse, addiction and wellness counseling and treatment practice that incorporates the use of alternative tools and treatment methods. COIT provides traditional therapy and counseling alongside alternative methods that are drawn from a variety of westernized and old-age theories. At the Center of Inner Transformations, anyone and everyone can get help from specialized professionals who are real, genuine people who pride in providing compassionate and quality care. The Center of Inner Transformations was founded in 2017 with the vision and mission to become a safe, relatable and comfortable place for people to work on their personal wellbeing. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic era, COIT has provided services exclusively using tele-health technology. Our distance therapeutic services are facilitated through HIPAA compliant encrypted and secured video, audio and electronic medical record. Our clients are able to access our services online from the comfort of their homes, private offices, cars and private spaces through their computers, smart cell phones and tablets via an internet, WIFI or data connection. Our professionals assist our clients in achieving their desired goals, changing their situations and improving the story of their life. We engage our clients with the dedication, passion and support they need to work on themselves. We are catalysts for the positive change, growth, development in those that we serve. If Your Looking for A Safe Space to Heal, Call Center of Inner Transformations at 732-508-0052.