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Stephanie Dillon

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Eden Prairie, MN

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As an artist, Stephanie Dillon paints what she feels. Her art is a reflection of her thoughts, her beliefs and how she lives. Her abstract canvas paintings are bold and reflect socially conscious issues. Much of her work is painted on “canvases” that already exist. She believes that old is still beautiful, what we have is enough and art is everywhere. She is fiercely devoted to philanthropy and lives her life committed to serving her community by giving a percentage of her proceeds away to charity. Her latest endeavor involves launching a zero manufacturing T-shirt line called Citizen-T, featuring up-cycled T-Shirts adorned with Stephanie and other artists original art. Making them one-of-a kind, sustainable fashion.

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Stephanie Dillon Art

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Stephanie Dillon is an artist with more than 20 years of operational experience looking to capitalize on a well- rounded background and advance professionally in the art world. Expertise includes creating mixed media canvas art, recycling discarded art by bringing new beauty into each piece, and painting on any medium utilizing a variety of creative techniques. Skilled and self-taught artist specializing in diverse abilities and markets. Offering a self-motivated work ethic in both independent and collaborative settings, by inviting emerging artists to join in entrepreneurial endeavors. Stephanie Dillon as a business is also open to partnership collaborations across all industries and crafts. Sustainability is always at the forefront.