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Summer Westerbur, CEO of Kairos Insurance Group Cannabis Division, celebrated 19 years of running her own insurance agency in January. The boutique employee benefits firm was one of the first agencies to work with cannabis business owners in Colorado and has expanded nationwide. Summer is co-founder of Simcha, a kosher CBD/CBG company, bringing Boulder-grown kosher CBD to the Jewish community. A serial entrepreneur, she is in the process of opening a woman-owned retail dispensary in the Northeast. She serves on the Tri-state Regional Board of Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, bringing her cannabis experience in Colorado to the emerging regulated markets in the Northeast. She is a regular speaker at U.S. and international cannabis conferences. She is passionate about seeing the end of the drug war. Summer and her son travel obsessively, visiting a dozen countries or more each year knowing that a real education and perspective is only available to those who take the time to understand the world around them.

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Kairos Insurance Group Cannabis Division

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Launched in Colorado, Kairos Insurance Group has expanded to include the majority of states that legalized adult-use cannabis. Kairos focuses on providing affordable employee benefits packages to cannabis retail dispensaries, grows, and product manufacturers. Summer understands the unique challenges facing the cannabis industry and works with business owners to decrease cost and increase benefits. Employee turnover is above average in the cannabis industry; designing an attractive benefits package retains key employees. A boutique independent agency, Kairos quotes employer's benefits plan at renewal.



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