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Are you ready to be hypnotized? I am Master Hypnotist Thomas Bresadola. A 5X World Champion Stage Hypnotist. I perform a clean, never embarrassing hypnosis show for colleges, corporations, theaters, associations, events and more. I hold a B.A. in Psychology, Board-Certified Master Hypnotist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Certified Hypnotist and Certified Sports Hypnotist, AA in Humanities and a Technical Degree in Television production. Before starting my own business, I held a position with the McDonald’s Corporation in youth marketing for 200 restaurants. Hypnosis is a powerful and empowering mind tool. In my performance, I only perform a clean show and always demonstrate the highest respect for all of my volunteers. I never embarrass any volunteer or audience member. I am a master hypnotist, lecturer, motivational speaker and keynote speaker. I am the owner of Simplified Entertainment. I started Simplified Entertainment with only one show, the Thomas Bresadola Hypnosis Show, and built a multi-million dollar entertainment provider. Simplified Entertainment books entertainers such as hypnotists, comedians, musicians, game shows, poets, speakers as well as the latest in VR, Esports and novelty entertainment (escape rooms, haunted houses, murder mystery's) throughout the United States. We employee full time computer engineers, carpenters, graphic designers, sales team and show hosts. We are always in need of entertainers for our clients. We work with all agents, managers, event planners and event companies throughout the entire United States. Let's work together. Want Simplified Entertainment to sell your show? Call us. Are you in need of entertainment for an event? Call us. Contact us at or 888-658-0515. I joined the Rolling Stone Culture Council because I enjoy sharing my experiences with business and learn from others through their business experiences. I really enjoy business. I like to read business books. If you have any business book recommendations, please pass them my way. Looking forward to meeting you and possibly working on projects in the future. Business is all about who you know. Now you know me. If you’re in a conversation about hypnosis, you can say, “Hey, I know a guy.” If someone asks if you know a booking agent you can say, “Hey, I know a guy”.

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On October 31, 2000, Simplified Entertainment began with one artist. Within in 5 years Simplified Entertainment grew into one of the largest college entertainment providers in the nation. Live acts, novelty shows and custom events have made Simplified Entertainment the go to college entertainment provider. If you would like to book your products on colleges, we are the company to call. “I started out in a 100 sq. ft. bedroom in my house. Four years later I built our huge office housing sales, warehouse, production studio and my personal office. I enjoy my personal office. It is 900 sq. ft.!”, says Thomas Bresadola. We work with all agents, managers, event planners and event companies throughout the entire United States. Let's work together. Contact us at or 888-658-0515.



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