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Author | Podcaster | Producer and rapper, also know as TMF Precha. After attending Full Sail University for Music business management, Tony started Now Entertainment in 2011 as a studio & label imprint. He first worked with several local acts but later branched out to work with more well-established artists, such as former acts signed with DJ Khaled. Now Entertainment later was transformed into a hip-hop-based magazine & podcast. Tony now mentors & assists artists he meets through the magazine coverage with marketing and PR campaigns. After the release of his latest book, he's ventured back to his roots and began recording & producing music again. Throughout most of his career, he was a single dad with two small children but now is married to a school teacher. They had a child together during the start of the covid lockdown and are now expecting another little one soon. Music is Tony's passion. Helping artists and entrepreneurs like himself succeed has always been the goal of his career.


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Now Entertainment

Now Entertainment is a media company based in Georgia.


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