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Victoria Kennedy is a TEDx speaker and well-respected authority in Public Relations. She has an incredible personal journey from being an opera singer with an amazing career on the biggest stages in Europe to completely reinventing herself in 2020 and starting an international PR company that spotlights the others and shares the stories of other successful entrepreneurs.

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Nine Ways Businesses Can Improve Customer Communication and Engagement in 2024

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To better engage with your customers, you’ll need to think like them first. As companies begin reflecting on the past year and planning for the next one, they’re likely setting goals for the new year and the steps they need to take in order to better their company and their bottom line. For many companies, that means working on customer communication and engagement. As the way companies treat their customers can have a huge impact on overall customer interest and loyalty to a brand, ensuring helpful, consistent communication and regular engagement is critical to increasing sales. But improving your communication with customers isn’t as easy as just answering their questions. Here, the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council share nine tips for improving your customer communication and engagement in 2024 and why doing so can help you start your year off on a positive note.

Overwhelmed by Your To-Do List? 11 Tips for Tackling the Busy Holiday Season

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With these tips, you can enjoy the holidays and feel productive at the same time. During the holidays, both your personal and professional to-do lists can often feel never-ending. With gatherings to attend, shopping to do, projects to wrap up and tasks to try to complete before you take off on PTO, finding a way to get it all done can seem impossible. To help ease your work-life balance during the busy holiday season, it’s key to get organized at work and put systems into place to help you bring your workload down to a more manageable level. To help, 11 business leaders from Rolling Stone Culture Council each discuss one tip they'd offer business leaders for how to tackle a long list of competing priorities during this time of year and get a little more enjoyment out of the festive season.

11 Tips for Building and Nurturing Positive Client Relationships

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Making your clients feel seen can go a long way toward creating relationships that last. Even if you have the top product or service in your niche, nothing quite makes an impact on your bottom line like positive client relationships. A terrible experience with customer service, or just poor customer service in general, can often be enough to turn customers off your business for good — and ensure negative word-of-mouth spreads as they go.  Creating and maintaining positive client relationships, then, is vital to amassing a loyal, supportive group of customers. To get started, consider the following tips from the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council. Here, they each share one tip they’d give any business leader for how to nurture positive client relationships and why.

Stop the Scroll: 12 Tips to Make Attention-Grabbing Videos

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The key to making your business stand out lies in how well you know your viewers. Whether you’re creating a video ad or an educational "how-to" video for your business, there are just some creative tactics that seem to lend themselves well to the video format. Taking advantage of these tactics is critical in an age where getting someone to stop scrolling through their social media feed is key to getting your business noticed. So what can you do to stop the scroll? Here, 12 business leaders from Rolling Stone Culture Council discuss their best tips for creating something that will make viewers stop scrolling, engage with your video and, ultimately, become a patron of your brand.

Solopreneurs: 10 Tips for Building Your Brand From the Ground Up

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Before you tackle your business alone, consider this advice first. Running a business on your own comes with an abundance of benefits — the ability to determine your own schedule, the freedom to make decisions based on your own ideas and the opportunity to work on whatever projects you find interesting. However, being a solopreneur or solo creator also means you’re the only one responsible for starting and growing your company, which can be a lot of pressure for one person to handle. As business leaders, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council are familiar with what it takes to build a brand from the ground up. Below, they each offer up one tip for solopreneurs and creators looking to start their own brands, grow them and succeed as leaders in the culture space.

Learning From Failure: 12 Leaders Share Their Hard-Earned Lessons

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Failure can be one of life's greatest teachers. At one time or another, every leader will experience some degree of professional failure. While the experience can be disappointing or frustrating, it can also serve as a powerful teacher, imparting valuable lessons that can shape one's views or career trajectory. If you've experienced failure in your professional journey, know that you're not alone — and you're not down for the count. Below, 12 members of Rolling Stone Culture Council share the biggest lessons they've learned from professional failure and the lasting impact of that hard-earned wisdom.

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