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Wes Meyers

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Highly Skilled and Innovative VFX Studio Owner and Founder with Over 10 years Experience in Feature Film, TV, Commercial and Streaming. Adept at creating hyper-efficient VFX workflows throughout the production process, as well as Supervising highly talented teams both onsite and in post.

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15 Simple Ways to Help Your Employees Innovate (Even in Tough Times)

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Your team may be stressed, but empowering them to experiment can keep them moving forward. Working through the pandemic has caused many professionals a lot of anxiety. Even though this free time affords people more opportunity to achieve their goals, they aren’t often seizing it because they're stressed about their health, their families and their jobs. As a leader, it's important to empower your team to use this time to continue growing, learning and evolving, even if they're preoccupied with just "staying afloat" right now. Below, 15 members of Rolling Stone Culture Council explained how to encourage your team members to experiment and innovate during difficult times. Follow their recommended steps to keep everyone's morale high and creative juices flowing.

Entrepreneurs: 12 Tips to Improve Collaboration and Move Your Business Forward

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Don't let the silos of your day-to-day work hinder your ability to collaborate as a team. Collaboration is often the key to creativity and progress in business. However, busyness can sometimes get in the way of purposeful collaboration across an organization. Finding time to brainstorm and work with other teammates can be a challenge when you’re bogged down with a lengthy to-do list, but it’s essential to prioritize cross-team communication if you want to move your business forward. To offer guidance on where to start, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council members shared tips for breaking down the silos of your day-to-day work and improving collaboration within your organization.

11 Effective Ways to Turn Your Customers Into Loyal Product Advocates

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A business’s best advertisement is a happy customer. Word-of-mouth has long been touted as one of the best ways to attract new customers. Prospective consumers want to know how your product or service can directly and positively impact their lives, and customer testimonials can clearly demonstrate that value.  However, it can be challenging to build up a loyal base of advocates who will promote your business to their networks. To offer some actionable steps you can take, 11 members of Rolling Stone Culture Council explain a few strategies that have helped them create true product advocates and why they’ve been so effective for their businesses.

Starting a Business in 2021? Nine Great Reasons to Explore the Culture Space

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Launching your own business is a great way to influence serious change. With the economic turnover in 2020, many people who lost their jobs are now considering turning to entrepreneurship to get back on their feet. Starting a business is an exciting and empowering way to earn a living, and many who go down this path are drawn in by the promise of freedom and flexibility. However, entrepreneurship takes a lot of hard work, too, so it’s important to stay motivated and choose a field you know you’ll be passionate about for years to come. To help aspiring entrepreneurs stay focused and thrive, nine members of Rolling Stone Culture Council listed their reasons to start a business in the culture space this year and why.

11 Ways to Make Your Brand Stand for Something Bigger

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For modern consumers, it’s no longer enough to simply sell a product. With the rise of social activism, customers are more interested now than ever in what the companies they support stand for. When you support a cause your customers believe in, you can create a loyal following of fans and do good at the same time. But not every business has a natural lean toward social causes, so how can they find a way to make their brand truly stand for something bigger? Below, members of Rolling Stone Culture Council share their tips for brands that want to be part of a movement and create real change for their customers.

10 Tips to Take More Calculated Risks as a Business Leader

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In the culture space, taking risks is necessary if you want to reach new heights. Taking risks as a business leader can have a significant positive impact on your company if things turn out well, but it can also set you back if you haven’t fully thought through every pro and con. The practice of calculated risk-taking, however, is essential for business growth. But taking a chance on something in business can be difficult for any entrepreneur, which is why the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council shared 10 tips to help encourage fellow culture leaders to take more calculated risks and explained why doing so is vital to business success.

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Burning Tractor is a TPN Certified production and post-production company that specializes in Visual Effects. Trusted Clients include Amazon Originals, ABC, FOX, FX, NETFLIX, YouTube Originals and more.



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