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Will Breakell was christened into the cannabis industry via the volatile world of penny stock trading. After making a small fortune - and then losing it - it was time for a change. Cannabis itself turned out to be his professional redemption. Breakell is the founder of the thriving young cannabis lifestyle brand Blazy Susan – an industry disruptor that’s gaining fame for its pink rolling papers and Lazy Susan style accessories organizer. “I may have gotten ‘burned’ but just because trading wasn’t my calling didn’t mean there wasn’t a place for me in the burgeoning cannabis space,” says Breakell, who moved to Colorado in 2013. At the time, cannabis was simply a “perk” and not a profession. But watching various businesses rise and fall across multiple segments of the industry during his years as a trader really opened his eyes to both the potential and the pitfalls, and as a cannabis enthusiast himself he became interested in ways to deliver a top notch consumer experience. One day, he looked at his coffee table that was cluttered with smoking accessories and decided there had to be a better, more elevated way. That’s when he got the idea to streamline things with his innovative Blazy Susan spinning rolling tray…a place to keep all accessories organized and looking stylish. Blazy Susan is evolving into an entire eco-system of products designed in this vein. Prior to starting Blazy, Breakell also worked for a healthcare technology startup focused on improving the patient experience of hospitals, private medical practices and more. He tenure there gave him a laser-sharp focus on customer experience, which today informs his approach to product development. He credits his military schooling with a mental toughness that has helped him survive the early stages of the start-up process.

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Blazy Susan is the manufacturer and provider of world famous, extra functional rolling trays and smoking accessories. We’re known for the Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray (a fully functional spinning rolling tray designed to organize your smoke space and take back your coffee table) as well as our one of a kind pink rolling papers - now known across the globe. The Blazy Susan brand was the brainchild of our founder and CEO, Will Breakell. Will is a young entrepreneur from Roanoke, Virginia. After graduating from the esteemed Virginia Military Institute, Will broke into the hyper-paced world of day trading. While successful in his role, he soon realized that he was looking for something different. Something more. One day, while sitting on his couch looking at his coffee table that was cluttered with cannabis and smoking accessories, Will had an epiphany; thus, the original Blazy Susan was born. A few short years later, and here we are! The company has grown to reach all over the world, and is revered by our extremely supportive community of customers and fans. Blazy Susan wouldn’t exist without our fervent supporters, so we take pride in giving back to the incredible community that has grown around us. As a brand, we stand for equality and empowerment. We know that the community and industry we are a part of is often unfairly judged and criticized, as are its members. We hope to be a glowing example of how to operate and lead the way in this uncharted territory. We want to be the type of company that this industry deserves, and we will always strive to be the best that we can be. Blazy Susan is bigger than just the sum of its parts, and we owe the world to the amazing Blazy Gang.



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