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Over the past 8 years I've focused largely on sustainability in the motion picture industry. I'm proud to collaborate with many industry stakeholders to develop and strengthen their sustainability programs. My mission is to scale sustainable production solutions consistently. My vision is to change the climate of entertainment and transform with way the industry approached its craft. Specialties: sustainability strategy, engagement, program management, sustainability communications, data analysis

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Overwhelmed by Your To-Do List? 11 Tips for Tackling the Busy Holiday Season

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With these tips, you can enjoy the holidays and feel productive at the same time. During the holidays, both your personal and professional to-do lists can often feel never-ending. With gatherings to attend, shopping to do, projects to wrap up and tasks to try to complete before you take off on PTO, finding a way to get it all done can seem impossible. To help ease your work-life balance during the busy holiday season, it’s key to get organized at work and put systems into place to help you bring your workload down to a more manageable level. To help, 11 business leaders from Rolling Stone Culture Council each discuss one tip they'd offer business leaders for how to tackle a long list of competing priorities during this time of year and get a little more enjoyment out of the festive season.

Nine Steps You Can Take to Set Your Company Apart From the Competition

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Standing out isn’t just about having the best idea. In a world saturated by millions of businesses all claiming to have the perfect solution to whatever problem consumers have, trying to find ways to make your own business rise above the noise can seem like an impossible endeavor. However, even businesses with fierce competition can find ways of standing out — with the right strategy, of course. To truly get your business noticed and to amass a large following of devoted customers, you’ll need to think thoughtfully about your customers, their needs and what your business can provide that no other business can. To help get you started, nine business leaders from Rolling Stone Culture Council share their insights on differentiating your company from the competition and recommend a few steps you should remember to take to help ensure your success.

How to Ensure Your Summer Event Will Be an Experience to Remember

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Host the most memorable summer event this year by following these essential entertainment tips. Summertime brings a vibrant array of festivals, outdoor events, fairs, concerts and more. This means hosting a successful event during this lively season requires careful planning and attention to detail to make it stand out. Here, Rolling Stone Culture Council members share the factors that contribute to a flourishing summertime event, from engaging activities to a focus on the attendee experience, and the steps you’ll need to take to create one. By understanding the importance of these components and incorporating them into the planning process, event organizers can create an unforgettable experience that leaves attendees thrilled, satisfied and eagerly looking forward to the next one.

Blockbuster Opportunities: Radical Collaboration and Accountability in Film and TV


We have seven years left in this decisive decade to make the massive progress necessary to reduce the environmental impact of film and TV production.

15 Steps for Weaving Your Brand’s Mission Throughout Your Business Structure

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It's not enough to simply define your brand mission — you have to live it every day. For any business, having a clear and meaningful mission is critical for success. To truly live up to that mission, however, you must ensure that it is consistently and clearly woven throughout all aspects of the business. Your brand's mission should be evident in the company's values, culture and day-to-day operations. To help you achieve this, 15 Rolling Stone Culture Council members each outline one specific step or action businesses can take to ensure their mission is fully integrated into their operations and why this is so important for the success and sustainability of the business.

12 Business Leaders Offer Their Advice on How to Respond to a Controversial Current Event

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It’s not just a matter of if you should or shouldn’t react — it’s how. When controversial events occur in society, some customers want brands to speak out and others want brands to "stay in their place." When you’re a business leader, this can put you in a difficult position, as you may want to voice your opinion, as well as your company’s, but you also don’t want to alienate or lose customers as a result. As business leaders themselves, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council have their own thoughts on the matter. Below, 12 of them each share their tips for how businesses should respond to controversial current events and why they take this stance.

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Founded in Vancouver, Canada, Green Spark Group got its start consulting on productions and has since developed into a full service sustainability agency, leading the industry through its evolution towards sustainable practices. To us, sustainability is a concept that takes into account social, environmental and economic responsibility. It's the ability of an organization to manage transparently its responsibilities for social well-being, environmental stewardship, and economic prosperity over the long term. We believe that with a consistent approach to sustainable production we can foster a shift in mindset, practices and innovation and spark positive, lasting change. We offer a wide array of consulting offerings, education opportunities, and easy-to-use resources to help creatives and producers of all types function and excel within sustainable systems.



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